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Chinese smartphone hires “Hugo Barra”

TOKYO: In a sign of the rising export ambitions of the Chinese mobile phone industry, a smartphone maker called Xiaomi said Thursday that it had hired a top executive away from Google to lead its international expansion plans. The executive,...


Mobile Apps Growing Market Increasing in India

India is the third largest app growing market and rising to be a global app superpower, according to is a Mobile Ad Network for app developers, advertisers, publishers, and telcos, with a strong presence in emerging markets. The...


Some Tech Policies You Need to Know

Feds back away from forced decryption — for now. Federal prosecutors are no longer demanding that a suspect in a child pornography case decrypt his hard drives after investigators managed to crack the drives themselves, Wired reports. While the government...


Celkon Mobile Cup-2

After the astounding success of the recently concluded Celkon Mobile cup Tri Nation Series featuring India, West Indies and Sri Lanka, We continue our association with Cricket as we are the Title sponsors for the India-Zimbabwe ODI series and this...


AKG Q350: Headphones

Designers Jeremy Saxton and Jacob Hall who have already developed several products for Nike, Hewlett-Packard and Nokia found a way to minimize the problem of excess cables MP3 players with its newest project, called Insert Coin ODDIO1.


iOS 6.1.4 available for iPhone 5

Apple surprised us today to releasing a new update of iOS for the iPhone 5, something no one had expected, this new version of iOS 6.1.4 is intended only for the iPhone 5, (for now), and by Apple, we note...