AKG Q350: Headphones

AKG Q350: Headphones


Designers Jeremy Saxton and Jacob Hall who have already developed several products for Nike, Hewlett-Packard and Nokia found a way to minimize the problem of excess cables MP3 players with its newest project, called Insert Coin ODDIO1. Although there is a concept of hybrid between a headset and a dock for the iPod Shuffle the seemingly ODDIO1 Insert Coin is a smart and cost of removing the wires of our lives without having to focus on the Bluetooth wireless technology.
Your project is very simple, sober, innovative and stylish. Just that the user of a player with the proportions of the iPod Shuffle dock the gadget in the right place and connect the cable “male” from the Insert Coin ODDIO1 in player imput and there you will have the full freedom to carry out their activities with full freedom and under a unique sound quality. How many times have we been in the gym doing bicep our routine and cable such tangled and finally ends on the floor because of it? Particularly, I happened on a lot of occasions and just thinking about it is that designers produced the new Insert Coin ODDIO1 which have different combinations of colors to suit all tastes such as gray, black and blue, black and pink or completely in black.

For maximum comfort the Insert Coin ODDIO1 be built in nylon plastic on the outside and a comfortable high quality silicone on the inside that will be in contact with the person. Its speakers have 30 millimeters in diameter and dynamic frequency response. One point that should be interesting for fans of iTunes is the ability to connect your iPod to your computer without the need to remove it from the Insert Coin ODDIO1 through data entry is also exposed when this is integrated into the headset. Being a project concept Insert Coin production ODDIO1 still depends on some factors such as the collection of a specific amount. The goal of the designers is to raise $ 45,000 and up to today the company is raising an estimated $ 10,000. To encourage contributions are offered some advantages for taxpayers and the unit value of $ 35 when they are on sale, two pairs for $ 65 and three pairs of headphones DDIO1 Insert Coin for $ 95. The price of a pair of headphones ODDIO1 Insert Coin when in the market shall be fifty dollars. On the other hand who wants to invest $ 200 headphones being one receive three exclusive white color, a shirt company and an iPod Shuffle in the color you choose. Orders as all of these projects can be requested on the site Kickstarter.

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