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Edit Photo on ios

Once you have selected a picture, in the upper right corner we the Edit button appears, if pressed, a bar with a number of options will be displayed below the image that we will modify. The first icon started by...


DiGo Mobile introduces emergency phone ‘SOS P241’

  Bangladeshi new local handset brand DiGo Mobile has introduced an emergency phone of model of SOS P241 phone which will enable user to reach emergency need and extra power back up. Company termed the phone as ‘Power House’ for...


RPG games for the Android

You are adept or likes games in the RPG style and would like to have them always at hand on your mobile device? So, check out our list of the best RPG games available for the Android platform – for...


Internet Radio Service Pandora’s Shares Fell Down

Internet radio service Pandora Media says that rising expenditures to acquire music and expand its sales force would push fiscal 2014 earnings below analyst expectations. The company also backtracked on a 40-hour monthly limit on free music streaming that was...


The Spy of WikiLeaks is sentenced to 35 years in prison

Whistleblower Bradley Manning could be free in just over 10 years after being convicted of the US’s biggest leak of military secrets. The 25-year-old soldier was yesterday jailed for 35 years but will be eligible for parole after serving a...


Apple Rumors!

No doubt the Apple world is becoming more exciting in many ways and this year has been a bit cloudy due for example to the death of the great architect of the company Steve Jobs


Where Success Is Based Apple?

The formula for Coca-Cola for years has been the great secret of success of refrigerant beverage company, now the big secret is one of the fastest growing companies in the last 3, 4 years. So no doubt Apple today has...


iPod Signed by Jobs at $ 10,000

Apple is a company that not only presents interesting data on global sales and general fun facts but also their mythical content products have a great time for many collect old products “Mac” and pay them unusual figures. Now the...


Users Claim The New iOS Slow!

“My iPad has become a digital wagon”, this is just one of the thousands of comments that are specialized in all forums Apple product manufacturer. So exactly this phrase comes from a user who bought the first version of the...


iOS 5.1: More Languages!

As much as the new iPhone 4S has been contentious for not bringing “nothing new” to the market undoubtedly also many users and fans of the model claim that there is better than Apple’s smartphone. This 2012 can finally be...


Apple Introduces Its 3D Technology

Obviously if today we want to invest in a good business we must ask advice to companies today are present what they present a real success and we are talking about two giants of the tech world and Apple and...