Mophie Juice & Keyboard Bluethoot, Accessories for Your iDevices Must-Haves

Mophie Juice & Keyboard Bluethoot, Accessories for Your iDevices Must-Haves

Mophie-Juice-Keyboard-BluethootOne of the features that are commonly smartphones is critical to the durability of the battery as this is the main engine power so that our device show their potential during the day or as long as the user sees fit.

That is why today I will show two accessories for your iDevices, one main to what the iPhone, and one that is for iPad but can also be supplemented with an iPhone. Mophie Juice is a housing that is designed for iPhones, which serves two functions, protect your device and keep this with energy for much longer, I mean is a replacement battery will always be available to us as it is a housing is mounted to the iPhone, are of various types, they vary in the amount of power capacity that is capable of storing. If you have 3G or LTE connection on your iDevice and you run short of battery during mid-day this is a very good option to not depend on an electric power outlet.

Another addition is the Bluethoot Keyboard or Wireless Keyboard, through its connectivity bluethoot may be linked both to an iPhone or iPad, but the ideal is to implement it on an iPad, as well brings a base for assembling your iPad and turn it into a Mini MacBook. With this keyboard you will have direct access to the Home button, music and even brightness searches a button to lock it. No doubt you will not need to go out with your notebook you much space, you’ll need only your iPad and keyboard, which can be closed by the keyboard, making it a netbook or notebook as it somehow.

I hope these will be useful supplements to their devices, if you do not know, I know, you can buy them on eBay or Mercadolibre both so much faster and not always available in the various countries.

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