Terms and Definitions for New iOS Users (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Terms and Definitions for New iOS Users (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

While we usually bring the most innovative and news about mobile technology, today proceed to ceasing to speak, a “dictionary” of terms and definitions that have the whole system is based on our terminals. This is ideal for all user @ new understand what we mean when we speak of such tweak, jailbreak, unlock, firmware, etc.. Welcome to our new users and as always we have expressed here in GetMovil, there is no reason to be afraid to consult something you did not know better or for worse, we all start equal

What is iTunes?

-ITunes is a media player and multimedia content store developed by Apple in order to play, organize and sync iPods, iPhones, iPads and buy music. With it we can, for example, install applications, transfer music.

What is an iPod Touch?

-The iPod Touch is a media player, PDA, handheld game console and mobile platform, has Wi-Fi, also a camera (the latest versions, since the former did not have) designed and distributed by Apple. An iPod Touch, is very similar to what an iPhone but without the phone function. Your operating system is iOS like the iPhone and iPad.

What is iPhone?

-IPhone is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple. iOS mobile operating system. The iPhone has a camera 8 megapixel (version 4S and 5) and a music player (equivalent to the iPod Touch) as well as software to send and receive text messages and voice messages. It also offers Internet services such as reading email, browse web pages and Wi-Fi connectivity. The first generation of phones were GSM Quadband EDGE technology, the second generation already included UMTS with HSDPA and the sixth generation and includes LTE.

What is an iPad?

– IPad is a line of tablets designed and marketed by Apple. It is situated in a category between a “smartphone” (smartphone) and a laptop, focusing more on access to building applications and themes. The functions are similar to other Apple devices, such as iPhone or iPod touch, although the screen is bigger and more powerful hardware. It works through a NUI (Natural User Interface) on an adapted version of the iOS operating system. This user interface is redesigned to take advantage of the larger size of the device and the ability to use software for reading electronic books and newspapers, web browsing and email, in addition to allowing access to other entertainment activities such as movies, music and videojuegos.Posee 9.7-inch screen, there are two models: one with wireless connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11n and other GPS with additional capabilities and support for 3G or 4G (can connect to HSDPA cellular networks or LTE ).

What is an Apple TV?

-Apple TV is a digital media receiver designed, manufactured and distributed by Apple. The player is designed to play digital media content from the iTunes Store, YouTube, Flickr, iCloud, Vimeo, Netflix or a computer with Mac OS X or Windows with iTunes on a HDTV.

What is iOS?

– An operating system for Apple products iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Apple TV.

What is a firmware?

He called what is the operating system that is installed on mobile devices, such as Windows DVD for installation on a computer, on mobile devices is a “file” distributed by both the manufacturer and for unknown developers to be installed. For the manufacturer, there are always new firmware, in which things are improved operating system to leave without errors, security enhancements, etc..

What is AppStotre?

-The AppStore is a service for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Mac OS X Lion, created by Apple, allows users to search and download apps. These applications are available for purchase or free, depending on each. Applications can be downloaded directly to iPhone or iPod Touch for example through the application of the same name, even that AppStore is also available in the iTunes program.

What is Jailbreak?

-Apple software is very complex, and with a very high security so that users do not have problems of data theft, this generates that if we “modify” some aspect of the device, we can not because we do not have sufficient permissions to do things well, for this many developers and hackers around the world put to work to generate a security hole imposed by the manufacturer. The jail or Jailbreak leaks, are the big and long hard work by developers or hackers, when you manage to find a expl0it or insecurity, are able to modify and lower the security, leaving no safety iDevices imposed by the manufacturer and providing access to the bottom of the entire system. Once launched some version of iOS, many working in expl0it find one another to perform what the Jailbreak devices, so install then making it the Cydia app, which will allow us to download, install many applications, tweak, and much more.

What is Cydia?

-Cydia is the alternative to what the AppStore, have only achieved on devices that have Jailbreak, here is where all applications are not approved by Apple to be published in the AppStore, there are developers who only create applications or Cydia tweak. In this store you can find various modifications, applications and more to make your device stay the way you want. Apple does not approve what is Cydia, as it lends a lot to what is piracy.

What is a Tweak?

-Tweak, are the modifications that can be found in Cydia, not necessarily applications that generate an icon on the SpringBoard, but it generates the most general system modifications leaving it in a different way to what is original, for example what you can do with Gridlock or Ilex RAT

What is SpringBoard?

-It is so called the whole screen, where the icons of our applications. Example, the Windows desktop.

What is DFU mode?

-Also Called Black Screen, (black screen), DFU (Device Firmware Update) for its acronym in English, is a means to an iDevice interact with iTunes. Unlike Recovery Mode DFU mode to change and choose the firmware you want to install on the device. For example, you use DFU mode to install an earlier version of iOS.

What is a downgrade?

-It is so called the process that we apply to our iDevices to achieve “lower” version operating system, iOS and versions are numeric, bone if you’re in iOS 6, down to iOS 5 you make a Downgrade.

What is update via OTA?

-It is the operating system update over a WiFi connection.

What is the Baseband?

‘It’s part of the OS, is the part that controls all device communications, telephone signal, Wifi, Bluetooth. As that is updated the firmware, the baseband is changing as new configurations must have in order to be compatible with anything new that has the new version of the operating system, it also has to do with the release of the device in order to leave released and not rely on any telephone operator. This is achieved for example with Ultrasn0w.

What is FaceTime?

-Between Apple devices, there is a application called FaceTime, with which users can call through Video call, this application is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac

What is iMessage?

-Between Apple mobile devices, there is iMessage application which sends SMS for free as long as the device is with connectivity either Wifi or 3G-LTE.

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