iOS 6.1.4 available for iPhone 5

iOS 6.1.4 available for iPhone 5

appleApple surprised us today to releasing a new update of iOS for the iPhone 5, something no one had expected, this new version of iOS 6.1.4 is intended only for the iPhone 5, (for now), and by Apple, we note that in this new version integrates a function of what is the audio profiles, which are not even asked developers to try out this new feature, more on that there is not much specific information, but also known to obviously in this new update should have changed the security and further hinder any expl0it, both for Jailbreak, and also for piracy.

This update can be performed either via USB by connecting the device to the computer and running iTunes, and also by what is OTA, bone, using the same device via WiFi, using this method weighs 11.5MB, and obviously need know that if a member of Jailbreak, nOT to upgrade for any motif, because in this new version can not be applied Jailbreak for now.

If you get to know even more about this new version and if it will be needed for more.

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