A Snapdragon Processor Can be Seen At The Economic iPhone

A Snapdragon Processor Can be Seen At The Economic iPhone

Android smartphones have been the center of attention lately, especially the flagship of Samsung called the Galaxy S4, and is reason enough to give a change of air. And what better to draw attention once again to the world of iOS that a new economic news on the iPhone, one that after being denied several times, seems to have returned to the scene half confirmed by Apple.

This time we know by China Times details for this Apple smartphone, one that may not only revolutionize the market for iPhones, but can give birth to a new set of economic iPhones designed for pockets and will surely be appreciated several loyal to Apple.

What is new is that there has been speculation about the processor that will have this iPhone in particular, and that to reduce manufacturing costs, it is speculated that a defendant use Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset instead of a totally new for Apple, one not just means extra spending money but one of effort and time by the company.

The reason why this chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 28 nm is cheaper is because, unlike the Ax Apple-designed, these modules usually have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in it. This means that avaratarían costs by not having to find another way to implement them in the overall design, much less externally designing a chipset.

There is more speculation about the processor, and it would cause the iPhone will come in both LTE and 3G version, but that will have to wait until later to confirm or deny. For now, and knowing the history of Apple, insurance will be decided by the 3G version.

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