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Your phone creates radiation

Heavy users of mobile phones have a 240 percent increased risk of developing a malignant tumor on the side of the head where they press the phone to their ear. Kjell Hansson Mild, who led the study ensure that.


Some Apps that will help IT pros more productive

As IT professionals, we work in an industry that is constantly looking to improve its organizational productivity through the use of software and hardware. We contribute to this by what we do in our jobs. However, there are ways we...


Recovery of your Data & Store it

None of the people pay attention to backup — until everything depends on it. Importance of  backup and its recovery. There is actually only one story you need to know. The terrible date of September 11, 2001 is beginning to...


Send Smartphone Files Into the Cloud

I would likely to feel of the word “cloud” in terms of cloud-decorated sunsets. Others may imagine of appalling thunderstorms or even tornadoes. But “cloud” has also taken on a high-tech meaning over recent years, as a label for online...


Cell Phones and Risks

The modern age is the age of science . In this age the contribution of science to make the way fluent and easy is extraordinary . Over a period of time, the frequency of use of mobile phones has increased...


How to Install Nokia Care Suite 5

Nokia Care Suite 5 is a program that will give much to talk about in the coming months, the reason is that it is an official Nokia software for diagnostics and repair of terminals, similar to Phoenix 2011 with the...


Flashing Nokia Asha 303

N303 or Nokia Asha 303 is a S40 phone operating system and in theory you can flash with Phoenix 2013 or via Nokia Care Suite 5, this post is lengthy theoretical but is based on the fact that you can...


iOS 6.1.4 available for iPhone 5

Apple surprised us today to releasing a new update of iOS for the iPhone 5, something no one had expected, this new version of iOS 6.1.4 is intended only for the iPhone 5, (for now), and by Apple, we note...


Anti-Glare Screen Protector for iPhone 5

Screen protector is very important for any kind of mobile phone. But it is very much essential for you costly mobile such as iphone. There is a lot of screen in the market. But i-Visor Anti-Glare Screen Protector for iPhone...


Invisible Screen Protector

The invisibleSHIELD is the toughest, most durable gadget scratch protection film available on planet Earth. The film has its origins in the U.S. military, where it was used to protect the leading edges of helicopter blades from wear and


Plantronics Bluetooth Headset with GalaxySIII

If you want to pair Plantronics Bluetooth Headset with Samsung GalaxySIII you have to Turn Bluetooth On or Off at first. * Press > and tap > Wireless and network > Bluetooth settings. * Select the Bluetooth check box to turn...


5 Essential Mobile Security Tips

Every Smartphones and tables should have long predicted that cybercriminals. The increasing importance of Smartphones and tablets in the lives of consumers and workers has made  the devices more attractive to attackers. With malware on