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Mobile Apps Growing Market Increasing in India

India is the third largest app growing market and rising to be a global app superpower, according to is a Mobile Ad Network for app developers, advertisers, publishers, and telcos, with a strong presence in emerging markets.

The mobile app ecosystem is riding the localization wave in India.

India is one of the biggest consumer and publisher of mobile apps across mobile platforms. Factors like growing mobile Internet penetration, cheaper smartphones, and mobile-ready regional content have led to the growth of this ecosystem.

The recent trends suggest that the country’s vibrant diversity has led to a phenomenal growth in the number of innovative regional apps which are being readily created and consumed.

For example earlier this month, Google launched a Hindi handwriting tool for search and Mozilla Firefox rolled out a fully localized Tamil version of its free opensource Internet browser.

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the number of total mobile phone connections stands at about 860 million but only 125 million Indians have listed English as their primary language of communication. Also, there is an interesting skew towards rural mobile subscribers–out of the 45 million users using local language apps on the mobile, 64 percent are rural users and 25 percent are urban users.

This great divide opens up an opportunity for nearly 600 million users that are limiting their mobile usage to only voice calls, as they simply cannot find enough apps in their local language.

This demand is being met by mobile publishers and developers by creating content which is available in a myriad of languages, catering to Tier 2 and 3 cities. For instance, Yahoo! messenger users are now able to communicate in multiple languages, Twitter users can tweet beyond just English, and consumers can also download local newspapers such as Dainik Bhaskar and read it from anywhere, anytime.

The burgeoning base of regional mobile apps offers app developers and mobile publishers various monetization and advertising opportunities to make it a profitable proposition, apart from a huge, under-served user base. Advertisers too can leverage regional content, languages, rural-urban location to deliver targeted ad campaigns in local languages.

World over, apps are driving the mobile ecosystem, and in India the localization wave gives it another impetus and a broader opportunity.

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