Where Success Is Based Apple?

Where Success Is Based Apple?


The formula for Coca-Cola for years has been the great secret of success of refrigerant beverage company, now the big secret is one of the fastest growing companies in the last 3, 4 years. So no doubt Apple today has the perfect formula to be the most successful company in the world, perhaps even more than Google who has diminished his power. In spite of the growing importance of the software the good bond between an operating system and a perfect design is critical to the stability and the platform and all devices and there I think Apple in my opinion based
its success. Since other manufacturers have a great operating system like Android but his designs fail to surprise, such as personal case I had the latest Samsung Galaxy S II in my hands and let me down completely strange both its design and its features, but specifically design can not be put up to the Apple product.
Since the company entered the smartphone market in 2007 undoubtedly think this has been the triumph of Apple against its competitors. By having the power to design the hardware-based iOS manufactured in-house company founded by the late Steve Jobs undoubtedly created a software coupled to perfection. So the iOS offers one of the most complete experiences when talking about a smartphone, its intuitive interface and a unique marketing mobile makes it what it is today. The arrangement of icons present continuously since its first release only in 2007 Steve Jobs also placed one of their biggest hits which undoubtedly is the app store, today being one of the major highlights of the iPhone and now copied by all the different operating systems.
By using the customer base already established by the iTunes Store and offer good prices to developers the company is always 30% of the application sold and revenues Apple has not reached twenty pages to write. Today with more than 500,000 active applications, and no doubt is the biggest online store in the world. By having a huge range of options the iOS platform is more application specific options, thus having options for doctors, engineers, musicians, architects, etc.. In the last week Apple announced the new iPhone 4S in the international market under a less than successful before and it seems that everything is pointing that today no one can beat Apple’s mobile.
So in spite of all the criticisms that the world takes off the apple company, no doubt Apple makes devices for the public and think only in daily use, comfort, functionality, design, style, resources and all positive adjectives a product can be.

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