Philips BatterySense: Increases The Life of Your iPhone

Philips BatterySense: Increases The Life of Your iPhone

Philips BatterySenseThe manufacturer famous for its televisions, stereos and some other appliances for comfort now offers an application that promises to increase the battery life of your iPhone. No doubt from that year when the first iPhone was released advantages were impressive and no doubt that today marks this model from many manufacturers every time you have to design a model but in return the Apple model had, has and will have a big problem which undoubtedly is the autonomy and the battery life. Apple is already testing and performing many tests on your operating system in order to face the great problem of the battery consumption of all iOS devices. No doubt if any of you have put his hands on an iPhone or iPod Touch will know that playing only 30 minutes in one of these devices can end battery fully with them and why Apple should work urgently on it.
Meanwhile Philips was a bit faster and launched an app that promises to take care of the battery of our iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple tablet iPad. The application called BatterySense promises more of our battery care for her longer. The application does not perform magic BatterySense or anything similar for the battery life, really informs the application creates a graph showing battery life how long it will last with the currently active settings.
In addition to this there is some information about how long we can be away from an outlet and leave our smartphone away from electricity. So for example tells us that we are only so many hours using the phone, listening to music, viewing a video or playing. So we can also for example if we have a percentage of 35% of battery and want to hear that Coldplay album will tell the application what percentage we will subtract after listening. Being without doubt a very useful tool for times when we are very tight with the battery level.

The application also offers tips for our battery lasts longer and recommendations to disconnect resources are not being used, the application is free and can be downloaded by users and directly from the iTunes Store. It’s clearly something interesting you can not miss on your iPhone.

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