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Edit Photo on ios

Once you have selected a picture, in the upper right corner we the Edit button appears, if pressed, a bar with a number of options will be displayed below the image that we will modify.
The first icon started by the right, which is shaped like a gear, we take you to a menu that we be allowed to restore the photo with the default settings, select another photo, defined as Principal photography on an album or copy / paste settings you have made to that photograph or another.
The second icon, a cross, removed the photograph. The third, a kind of pin or medal, the mark as a favorite. The fourth, a banner, the label as important. And the fifth iPhoto enable us to decide what changes can improve – your criteria – photography, come on, what is known as Automatic Upgrade.
Automatic improvement

Now if we decided to press on the icon which is right in the lower left corner, like a toolbox, will access to all the possibilities that iPhoto gives us as “retoucher” photo (I call it publisher or developer photograph would be frivolous ).
This time, if we move in the same bottom bar that we discussed earlier, we see that the icons have changed and, from left to right have the following options:
– Cropping and straightening of photography (in a simple way, using a roller or using our fingers can decide the angle photography should take to correct the deviation to initially take, also, with the two fingers can zoom can choose either a single finger the surface of the picture with which we want to stay and discard the rest – it is interesting to note that if we give once again with the gear icon will access a section where are predetermined a series of measures and We will show you the final result in thumbnail -).
– Exposure control and white balance. Again we offer three possibilities of retouching in this section. Regulation of black and white, brightness and contrast control that, all through a bar, will allow us to adjust these parameters as we want. If you play around with this option you will realize that it is very well achieved and we will save more than one picture taken in low light conditions.
– Curve color. They are not actual curves, if not, once again, slashes (or by gestures of a finger – moved up or down -), which allow us to change the color saturation in general (icon rainbow) or, separate blue / cyan (nuve icon), yellow (although we are shown as green leaf) and red / magenta (although we displayed on an anthropomorphic icon – shaped person – brown). Here, too, the icon of settings you can select among several white balance depending on the light that we had to take the shot that day (fluorescent, sunlight …).

White balance

– Other tweaks. To give the penultimate icon row, we find eight brushes that are deployed along our screen, each with a mission: to repair, remove red eye, saturate, desaturate, lighten, darken, giving more or less sharpness and smooth areas that we paint them with the same (tip: if you use an iPhone or iPod touch you’ll hardly changes due to how small the screen, so I advise select the Show Strokes option to see it better).
– Filters, the last icon. Here we have six major themes (warm and cold, two-color, black and white, aura, antique and art) and each can make a series of calibrations until the perfect result.

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