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RPG games for the Android

You are adept or likes games in the RPG style and would like to have them always at hand on your mobile device? So, check out our list of the best RPG games available for the Android platform – for you to enjoy in your moments of idleness. A selection of the most intelligent, visually beautiful, immersive strategic and more you can find in Google Play store.

1. Arcane Legends
Arcane Legends is a 3D MMORPG award-winning fantasy. In this game you can choose one of three classes; then you’ll join other players online, so that you will come across and join with other players in the same challenge in a natural way, without the need to send invitations to other players or anything. In Arcanes Legends which draws the most attention are the pets that you can purchase which can help you in many ways, how to attack enemies or collect the withdrawals for you.

For those who are looking for a multiplayer RPG experience, but are looking for something a little lighter than, for example, Order & Chaos game, Arcane Legends is an excellent choice.
2. The Bard’s Tale
The Bard’s Tale is an action game mixed with RPG. In this game you control a bard whose irreverent dodges responsibilities of a classic hero, changing everything for partying with drinks and women. It means that still, somehow, gets involved in saving the world, but uses his skills to make others do his duties during the journey. This game also features full support for bluetooth control if you are looking for something more “console” and you’ll have to master some English to understand the plot of the story. The game Bards Tale is a hilarious RPG anti-hero style.
3. Battleheart
Battleheart is an RPG action game that sets a new standard for more friendly controls touch, followed by several games of the genre. There you can drag and drop your party members across the battlefield to move them, select targets spells and attack multiple enemies. And also create a unique team of heroes, guiding them in frantic real-time battles against monsters whose strength will only increase. Battleheart is a challenging RPG which features a captivating control scheme.

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