Apple Introduces Its 3D Technology

Apple Introduces Its 3D Technology

Apple introduces its 3D technology

Obviously if today we want to invest in a good business we must ask advice to companies today are present what they present a real success and we are talking about two giants of the tech world and Apple and Google take general market ideas and make own with modifications to achieve great success. Thus came the touch screens, operating systems and more modern technologies. But so far a resource or rather a technology that has been very successful in the “outside” is undoubtedly the world of three dimensions, so we have 3D cinemas, 3D TVs, 3D smartphones and more resources. So Apple now gives the first details of a technology that is developing a long time ago in an effort to present it in its upcoming mobile devices, perhaps in the iPhone 5, iPad 3 …
A patent filed by Apple suggests that the company would be developing a complex technology for the screens of portable devices of the brand would be able to generate three-dimensional images. Monitoring the user’s eyes through the front camera and calculating in real time the position of the observer relative to the equipment would be able to project three-dimensional images ignoring the use of special glasses or displays with technologies like stereoscopic. The most interesting of the new technology is that the hardware necessary for her work already exists in the current iPhones. The front camera, compass, accelerometer, GPS and gyroscope are part of Apple devices for quite a long time and are essential parts for the project that the company wants to some day come to their products.
Apple’s idea is to provide the set of sensors that perform monitoring of the position of the user’s eyes and calculating the inclination of the display and lighting the exact extent to which the three-dimensional illusion of the graphics to be maintained. An example of this is enough to note that the current iOS icons have a little shadow that it gives a small idea of ​​presenting surface. If possible providing that this shadow moves according to the position of the device and this undoubtedly our eye three-dimensional sensation would be perfectly and the result would be ideal.
The patent document also mentions that it would be possible to drive the presentation of three-dimensional graphics with just a gesture and not touching the screen. As much as there is in the Apple Store an application called i3D pretty reminiscent to these notions exposed in Apple patent is undoubtedly a simple feeling and still not going to have natural 3D graphics on our iOS devices.

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