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10 essential tips to Cell Phone is working as well

10 tips for phoneThe mobile phone is the essential part of our life. So we always try to make our phone smart and fast working as well. These 10 tips to help keep our cell phone working at its best. Video kills your data allowance. It’s easy to burn through the 2-gigabyte monthly allowance of typical data plans. For example, a single HD movie could eat up 700 megabytes of data—or more than a third of that 2-gigabyte budget. Other data drainers include streaming music and playing connected games online. Try to use your phone’s Wi-Fi connection instead of the data connections when you’re doing these things

Weak signals are bad for batteries.  Phones use more power when they are trying to access a weak network signal. Avoid stashing the phone in a crowded purse or briefcase or inside a lower desk drawer: It can be harder for a phone to get a signal in those places.

Smart phones need a fresh (re)start. With Facebook, Twitter, and so many other compelling apps to keep you glued to your cellphone screen, you may be tempted never to turn your phone off.

Operating systems are designed and updated for the new smart phones, with their faster processors, expanded memory, larger displays, and improved cameras. Accepting over-the-air updates to your OS and apps helps stave off obsolescence.

Skip screen protectors. Many of today’s touch screens have already come with a protective layer of Gorilla Glass or other hardened material that make scratching them nearly impossible. Some screen protectors reduce glare, but they can also make your display less responsive and harder to see in other ways.

Today’s smart-phone bodies often include Kevlar, carbon fiber, or other hardened materials that are quite tough. Aftermarket cases may offer a bit of extra protection, but they will often hinder access or slow the responsiveness of the phone’s screen, buttons, and ports that you access frequently.

Phone camera zoom lenses really not needed. Unlike standalone cameras, cell phones do not have optical zoom lenses. For those close-up shots, we recommend you move in closer. Also consider trying small, affordable add-on lenses that fit over a smart phone’s own tiny lens. They let you get in closer to the action or shoot a wide-angle or fisheye photo without reducing image quality.

Think twice about insurance and extended warranties. It can easily cost $500 to $600 to replace a smart phone. But a recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports found that only 15 percent of those polled bought a new phone because the old one broke, and only 2 percent bought one because their phone was lost or stolen. And the warranties themselves are no bargain: Plans cost $5 to $9 a month and come with a deductible of between $50 to $150. What’s more, you might be entitled only to a repaired, refurbished phone rather than a new one. Here’s a better idea: Keep your old phone until the new handset’s contract ends.

Prepaid carriers are a great place for smart phones. The phones offered with prepaid plans used to be just the basics. But some prepaid carriers now offer smart phones.

Haggling works. Most shoppers don’t think to negotiate for a lower cellphone price, but 17 percent of our cell-phone-buying survey respondents took a shot. Of that group, more than one in four succeeded. The median discount was $54, but a handful knocked $100 or more off the price.

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