Flashing Nokia Asha 303

Flashing Nokia Asha 303


N303 or Nokia Asha 303 is a S40 phone operating system and in theory you can flash with Phoenix 2013 or via Nokia Care Suite 5, this post is lengthy theoretical but is based on the fact that you can flash USB cable with Advance Turbo Flasher , before doing anything or asking advise reading the post from beginning to end.

For flash Nokia Asha 303

The only valid reason is to solve common problems in mobile software nokia, eg continuous reboots, problems sending messages or for those cases where the phone does not turn on suddenly without antecedent or cause.

Other reasons may be valid but involve risks that are the responsibility of those who choose to flash the phone, for example depersonalize or force software update that are theoretically possible.

How to flash Nokia Asha 303

Phoenix is ​​compatible with the RM-763 which corresponds to nokia N303, you can read the tutorial here but recomiendoseguir reading before acting.

Flashing Nokia Asha 303 with nokia care suite 5
Nokia product support tool for store is an application that serves to revive nokia 303 by using the recovery by USB dead method, ie, whether the phone is not on, you can flash, the steps are:

Run Nokia product support tool for store (part of nokia care suite)


Run file> open product and select Nokia Asha 303


Select Programming> recovery


In the next window select the previously downloaded firmware, you can use any location but it should be noted from settings.
You can use any Product code, which must be taken into account is to use the most current version for your phone or at least a version equal to or higher than had the phone before flashing, otherwise the procedure will not work, the phone restarts, light white or not light
In the press inferiro Start

Connect your phone as described in the instructions are:

Remove the battery
Connect the USB cable
Insert the battery

When you see this image on the screen press retry and immediately insert the battery, that way you avoid wasting time to try again and again.

The success or failure depends on quickly connect the phone, in the first instance may have error on driver installation, just wait, restart the computer and try again.
Delete user code Nokia Asha 303

Programming menu options are beyond the recovery, there is also the option to remove SW reset user code after flash, for technicians recommend using FBUS cable and a box of service as there is no record of how stable the phone firmware and behavior after flashing.


1. This method is used to unlock Nokia Asha 303

R. No, to release this model have to buy a code IMEI is calculated, there are no service boxes to release this model and if there would be for payment, nothing is free yet.

Two. The phone felt Michael Phelps and climbed into the pool, wet, dry it and now will not start, It helps me to relive it?

R. No, in such cases must first give “service” to remove traces of moisture

Three. This procedure is magical, ie I solve all my problems, no matter if headset, microphone, screen, touch, wifi, blue tooth, etc?

R. No, there are problems with software and hardware problems, so you have to try to find the source of the problem.

April. I can install Symbian Anna, Symbian Belle and Sebastian: P in my Nokia Asha 303

R. No, this phone is not a true smartphone and your hardware is very limited

May. The phone is of dubious and thought you might be stolen or is reported, flash solves the problem?

R. No, if so the process itself would be a crime and not the end of this blog deal with these kinds of issues.

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