Cell phone battery last longer most effective tips

Cell phone battery last longer most effective tips

This is a very common question that how can we get more charge on our cell phone. Now we will discuss about the killer tips about cell phone battery last longer. We have talked with the mobile phones technician who are expert in this section.

They give us first tip that— please do not wait while your mobile is going to be switched off because of lacking of charge. That means Do not follow the method of full discharge. And beside that do not also follow the method of full charge of battery. Moreover please avoid letting your cell phone’s battery run all the way down. If your mobile phone’s battery is nickel-based such as the NiCd or NiMH rechargeable AA batteries seen in most supermarkets or it is lithium-based battery you have to follow some techniques. You know these batteries are designed to be charged early and often, and letting them get too low can damage the battery. So be careful about this. Please keep in mind that with Lithium batteries, doing shallow discharges and frequent charging prolongs your mobile phone’s battery life.Mobile Phone Battery Charge Last Longer

The most and important tips about cell phone battery is increase time between charges. While many of us now use mobile phone’s instead of land-line phone’s in our homes, these mobile phone’s come with Lithium Batteries which require some maintenance as long as they are used.

Third option is— if you do not need please turn the phone off for a while. This will probably be the most effective and simple way of conserving your battery’s charge or power. You can ask, why? This very simple technique will help conserve energy and also charge your mobile phone. If you do not plan on answering the phone while you are sleeping or busy with other work as your business hours is going on, just turn the mobile phone off.

And we will give you the fourth tips now. As like as busy hour do the same if you are in an area where there is no network coverage that means no reception such as a subway or highway or in a remote area, since constantly searching for service depletes the battery fairly quickly. Though some cell phones have an automatic power save feature, but it takes about 30 minutes with no service to kick in. By this way much battery power has been used. If you don’t need to receive or make calls but are using a smartphone as a PDA, disable the phone functionality that means as a flight mode.

Our fifth and last tips about cell phone’s battery life is— please stop searching for a signal of your phone. While you are in an area with poor or no signal, your phone will constantly look for a better connection, and will use up all your power doing so.

This is very easily understood that if you have ever forgotten to turn off your cell phone on a long way flight. There is a best way to ensure your battery longer life is to make sure that you have a great signal where you use your phone. The second thing is if you do not have a perfect signal to receive or get a call in your lovely cell phone which will amplify your informative mind then do not use this awesome cell phone. By this way you can make your battery last longer.

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