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When you would look for games then you should try something that would be great for you, something with a different touch. Something that can hold your interest. You can always try this 3 for that!

Battleloot Adventure [Free]

The Battleloot Adventure Art style impresses, but you will also realize that it also has mechanics very interesting game. The prospect may seem similar to Battleheart, but at its core, Battleloot Adventure offers a balanced mix of strategic turn-based combat with mini games elements of reflection in real time. Both team members and enemies have specific classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses against other classes. This requires you to think twice when choosing the members of your team. As usual, you will strengthen your characters with new abilities as they acquire more combat experience and will also equip them with different armor and weapons combat. Battleloot is one of those games where you are attracted by the beauty of art, but ends up delighting even the most addictive RPG action mechanism


Galaxy on Fire 2


Galaxy on Fire 2 is a science fiction RPG 3D, which puts you in the midst of interstellar battles in a beautifully rendered universe. In this game you will have to face various challenges – from hunting space pirates to mine asteroids and so on. There are several business options to do and you can always improve your ship and buy new cars with the credits you accumulate. There is also a long history of game and expansions available through in-app purchases. Galaxy on Fire 2 is the typical open-world exploration game that appeals in full RPG fans and space science fiction.


Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf [Free]


The Lone Wolf game is based on the author’s fantasy world Joe Dever and shows much literature as one neat chart. In this game, you have to make decisions through a narrative characteristic features based on progress you will choose at the start and halt fighting based on breathtaking shifts with a generous variety of enemies. The combat in this game engines require timing and intelligent management features, for you to follow live the game. The Lone Wolf game offers both a richly textured history as a frantic action.

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