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Netflix (Free)
Of course you’ll need to subscribe to Netflix to take full advantage of this application and this will cost you around £ 17.00 per month. This monthly fee will give you access to a lot of movies and series that you can do streaming to your computer, notebook, game console, smartphone or tablet. The large differential Netflix application for Android is you can use it as a remote control and second screen to navigate through the content while you’re watching something else through your PS3.

The online retailer Amazon offers an immense amount of eBooks (digital books) of your choice and the Kindle app for Android allows you to easily synchronize your progress across multiple devices, so you can resume where you left off the last time you used the kindle for your smartphone. You can also use it to access magazines or newspapers and it even has a built-in dictionary that is always at hand. If you do not already use Amazon to read eBooks or do not own a Kindle, so you might prefer to use Aldiko, which is also an excellent and very popular free application for reading eBooks.

The Tasker is undoubtedly the best way to explore the full potential of your Android smartphone. The Tasker can be summarized as “automation”. You can set triggers and rules for everything. Switch to the “silent mode” at a specific time or at specific sites, automate e-mails or SMS messages, set an alarm to wake you up with a random song from your collection, automatically Take turns your wallpapers … In Finally, the possibilities are endless.

If you do not have an Xbox 360 or One, this app it will not be helpful. If you have, then, the SmartGlass application will be very useful. Briefly the SmartGlass is a remote control for your Xbox 360 or One, so you can browse content and control it. You can also use it to surf the web – including several advantages we use the virtual keyboard of the smartphone and the use of gestures to zoom in or slide the screen. One of the main characteristics is the second screen function, so you can access through the application more information about what you are watching or listening to, and even take advantage of the extended game play a few games.

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