New Nike technology!

New Nike technology!


The technology of famous sporting goods manufacturer Nike shoe with sync our iPhone now has new applications and general news. The ultra famous and successful brand of accessories and sportswear Nike announced the new generation of its line of Nike + shoes, they have sensors that transmit detailed information on the exercises practiced by the user. Shoes that already have support for iPod or iPhone will win now rapidly two new applications. They are known as Nike + Nike + Basketball and Training, targeted respectively for basketball players and athletes in general.
Similar to a personal trainer the Nike + suggests various types of physical activities that the user can perform in addition to show detailed information on the exercises practiced. Just wear shoes and sync iphone to have this experience. The transmission of data is performed by WiFi through a pressure sensor installed in the shoe sole. The arrival of new technological applications still looking render the most useful for surfing.
For basketball players such as Nike + Basketball will be awesome. Its function Track My Game shows information about the performance of the player as details of the movements and the amount of acceleration for example. You can also view tips and tricks from professionals and even to record our plays and perform uploads of videos online. LeBron James Miami Heat Wing is one of the greatest representatives of the basketball world today and stressed the great innovation that brings the arrival of this new application. “I think this technology will change the game forever providing athletes with all the necessary information for all us perfect,” he says.

The Nike + Training focuses meanwhile for any professional or amateur athlete, this is a series of exercises suggested for users to be in shape. Just make various “Drills” suggested by the program to automatically send the shoes performance information on the mobile. The statistics of these workouts can be shared with friends so you can generate a fun thanks to the competition within this application.
Launching applications is scheduled for June 29. Along with these two new models will be launched Nike + shoes, the Hyper Workout + for women and TR 1 + for men, the first countries to receive such products will be the United States, England, Germany, France and China.

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