You Left Nokia to HTC Obsolete before Appearing?

You Left Nokia to HTC Obsolete before Appearing?


After submission phones HTC Windows Phone 8, 8x and 8S, the general feeling, after reading many media sources is that there is inspiration Nokia in new products.
My opinion is that colorful contribute not have to be a fact patented by the Finns, but the reality is that in this way the products look more. What would have happened if the Samsung ATIV S also had chosen this path, possibly had talked about the same.
The phones have a clean design, and are made on a unibody body, such as Nokia. If we also consider that the specifications recommended by Microsoft, the equal in many ways, we have to balance the few things that set them apart.
Among the proposals from Nokia and HTC, have two matches, high-end and midrange. In both cases I believe that Nokia brings striking details, but I can not ignore that the design of the new HTC is great. Samsung was just in high-end, but will soon have a more affordable phone if the thing is working.
Nokia believes on competition
As it happens, both these products are classified as life-threatening. More in the case of Nokia, which is what we want to survive, a little less on the HTC, which has a range Android that works (even worse than esperban).
Aware of the situation, the guys from Nokia have been quick to make public statements that point to HTC, and it seems that there will be war within the platform Windows Phone 8. When it appeared the model of Samsung, one in Nokia commented on it, you may need more than the market leader.
“Today is a day of good news for the Windows Phone ecosystem. While others change slightly their products, Nokia is leading the Lumia platform. We provide PureView exclusivity, positioning and navigation services, wireless charging or Nokia Music. And we have only begun “Chris Weber, head of sales and marketing at Nokia.
Verge These statements are accompanied by a series of tweets in the same direction, extolling that Lumia is one step ahead of the competition, and that there are more than colorful in its bid.
As you can see, Nokia feels strong and has no problem in placed like the first option, the innovative. It will be good to know what guys think of this Samsung, HTC, or those who have to get in the fut

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