What is Virtual Sim?

What are the virtual SIM, how the item you want to replace the classic plastic horns that give us the operators work? Today, in The Free Android, you have everything that you must know about virtual SIMs, and the role they play in the future of our Android devices.

The hassle of having to be aware of SIM cards may have its days numbered: those plastic chips surrounded operators give us along with our telephone line would be a thing of the past thanks to virtual SIM card, a little invention that is popularizing among users thanks to companies like Xiaomi. But what they are exactly what we expect from this advance in our smartphones?
Operating a virtual SIM card is simple, and lives up to its name: our device handles act as SIM card, and not have to enter a real SIM card for connecting to the mobile network.

This virtual SIM is activated via remote connection with operators, makes us forget the plastic to be equipped from the factory, and gives us a few added advantages that we will comment now.

What possibilities give us?
This virtual SIMs opens up a range of options, but it boils down to simple terms: greater freedom to users when choosing what operators want to use, how to manage roaming when traveling beyond our country, and less pain Head to eliminate physical SIMs of the equation.

First of all, forget the hassle of relying on a SIM card is not able to connect over the network because we lost our card, or be exchanging cards to switch operators. We could hire an operator abroad (for roaming) without headaches, making calls and save when we use mobile data abroad.
The portability would be much easier and faster, as we discussed our fellow Engadget Mobile: we have to wait for the SIM of the operator, with a call would be enough to start the whole process without headaches.
Rumors began with a rumor Apple would launch a neutral SIM card with your iPhone, removing control of the operators in this regard. In a kind of response to these rumors related to Apple, the GSMA (known organizers of Mobile World Congress) joined operators to prepare, and as a result we have the news that are preparing their standard virtual SIM card that works at all the world, good news in the search for uniformity.

However, actual examples absent: so far we have only attempted BlackBerry to make it ready for later this year in India, and a beta of Xiaomi MIUI which seeks to prepare for this role. The virtual SIM has all the earmarks of being the future, but still have to wait to throw away our SIM card.

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