Who walks quite by instagram may have seen, you have or follows some minimalist profile. Photos of the feet, clean scenarios of information, people jumping, symmetrical perspectives and stuff. Well, I will talk about some features in common profiles that follow.

Minimalism is a lifestyle. Less is more. This crew loves aesthetics, go out to shoot together often (you’ll see this in a documentary at the end of the post!) And although having different photographic languages from each other, are often the same photo style, which is repeated each Instagram profile. These are people who care about the look, with what they wear, people who value every detail and have fun shooting. They are photographers, designers, editors or simply have a smart look at the thing. People of my people, if you understand ��

The quality and creativity of the photos, these profiles end up attracting tens of thousands of followers. The creativity of this language, is to make a kind of picture based on a “grid” of ideas that are being created and replicated in other profiles, turning a series of photos that are related. Cast the first stone who never inspired in others’ photo style!

But pack a style is not good photo warranty. I for one have tried to make the picture leap and aesthetically was crap.

What stands out is the harmony of colors and shapes, the balance of the photos and of course the look. While these themes printed in multiple profiles exist, as I said earlier, there is a different look upon click.

But if the photos are similar, which is living creativity?

Creativity is an independent grid this thing speak. You can build upon an idea already conceived (by the way, it is what everyone does!). The creation linked to the technique, the aesthetic repertoire and practice is what makes each picture is unique. Then each will create its language.

These urges photographers to violate the background, the colors, the surrounding elements, the alignments, contrast, etc. at the time of click.

Then there is also a post production in image processing features in instagram own or in mobile applications perspective correction, mirrors and so on (Do not you think the pictures are just perfect in #nofilter scheme, right?).

So I have listed some common themes that I saw among some profiles that follow.

The first item shows the profiles where you can realize even a minimalist feature in most of them. The numbers on each profile corner is for you to know who are the photos in the other items I listed. Of course, I have included me in jest. I am 16 ��


One of the most present applications in people’s lives, Instagram won fans worldwide. Learn a little more of the possibilities the platform offers.


Content creation:

The Instagram allows you to create and share content easily through smartphones.


Resource followers:

Just like on Twitter, you can have a turnover relationships with other users. May follow or be followed.


Visual communication:

The Instagram filters work the essence of photography and generate a good experience of the photographer with the community.



The mobile sharing service combined with technology, is one of the fastest growing services in the world, due to the increased experience of time on the devices and improvement in the quality of the cameras.



Self-disclosure through Instagram is optional for each user. You can set the profile to be public or private, depending on your interest within the network.


Search engine:

One of the main factors for the application of growth, the use of hashtags allows photographers disseminate your images around the world and meet new looks.



People keep in touch in a simple and practical way with their circle of users.



The Instagram is the best application to document the life stories of a brand or a unique fashion service.



The Instagram is an excellent advertising tool. Users themselves create images tied the atmosphere of the brands, generating spontaneous communication for them.



As smartphones become an extension of the body, Instagram notifications are directly linked to feelings. The likes, criticism and praise are received in a very personal way.

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