LG Optimus Pad

LG Optimus Pad

lgAfter publishing the article on the price and availability of LG Optimum Pad and we are going to mention some of its technical preview, finally comes for you readers review.it the long awaited review.

We assume that the LG Optimus Pad is a small tablet and solid, perfect to be held in the palm of one hand and able to write emails and messages without a base ensuring maximum ergonomics is in use vertical, horizontal.

LG Optimus Pad with its 8.9-inch display in 16:9, allows a more convenient portability without damaging the high quality of the images, and plenty of content represented, offering a new experience of use of a size never before marketed .


The new home of the South Korean tablet is the first tablet 3D, where the three-dimensional experience is provided by the dual 5 megapixel camera that reproduces high-definition video at 720p in stereoscopic 3D. The Pad LG can be considered as a perfect partner for all lovers of the video: the camera of the new tablet is in fact very easy to use to make high quality video light, to be reviewed in 3D on your TV via HDMI cable (included) or immediately on the screen of the Pad with anaglyph glasses.

The device is based on the latest operating system from Google Android 3.0, the latest version of the platform made specifically for tablets and therefore ideal for providing users with an enhanced user experience. In addition, facilitates the use of Android 3.0 tablet thanks to a more intuitive and similar to that of a PC, it is tremendously customizable and enriches all Google services such as Gmail, Google Maps 5, and Google Talk. The update of the Android mobile OS will be released directly from Google via the service over the air, confirming a product in tip-top performance.

Set is equipped with a dual core processor Nvidia Tegra 2 1 GHz which allows a large increase in speed, power and graphics capabilities of the tablet, also allowing efficient management of multi-tasking, playback and recording of video in high quality 1080p, the internet browsing with full support of Flash 10.2 and video experience-play “shocking.”

That is, a device which in my eyes is revolutionizing the world of tablets, there has impressed you?

This set has everything; you know this is what is called cool. You won’t feel sorry for buying it. We didn’t got so much fault with it. But if you do please comment in the box. We would like to hear from you!

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