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i phone 5On September 13, 2012 was a much-anticipated date for all fans of Apple and not just because it was held on Keynote with which the U.S. company announced its new products, including the highly anticipated iPhone 5.

You have to start by saying that although it was presented as a terminal completely redesigned, in my opinion it is a natural evolution of the species, very similar in design to the previous iPhone 4 and enriched with some new technology and upgraded existing ones.


We start from the most obvious, namely that the screen for the first time on an iPhone is 4 inches, extension occurred only in length, and therefore will retain the same width as the previous 3.5-inch screens. The type of the screen always remains the retina, difficult to improve.

Another novelty is represented by the long-awaited heart of the terminal, which is the processor, which in this case is an A6 chip can double the already excellent performance of ‘iPhone 4S, and lend itself to applications that demand a lot of resources, such as video games and applications video editing. In addition, the new processor, supported by the new operating system iOS 6, promises better performance from the point of view of the seal of the battery, but still nothing to bring tears of joy.



The main camera has remained virtually the same, it’s just a little ‘brighter and this situation will be able to take better pictures in low light compared to the previous iPhone 4, but nothing revolutionized, while the front camera has been improved significantly and scope to a definition 720p HD.
Honestly, we were expecting an upgrade to the main camera, also because the processor you can afford to handle much higher definition cameras with no problem, in my opinion it is a commercial decision, and that the real upgrade of the camera has been stored for embellish the next iPhone 5S if it will be called.

Regarding the connectivity aspect of the new iPhone 5, you can certainly say that he does not lack anything, it has its own connections Bluetooth, WiFi (dual band), HSPA, HSPA +, DC-HSDPA and LTE that provide connectivity virtually universal.

In conclusion, we can certainly say that Apple has not denied with the new iPhone 5, presenting a terminal at the top technologically and renewing the design enough not to stray too far from the beautiful and elegant iPhone 4 / 4S but just enough to be able to consider renovated, the materials used are noble, always highly sought after and highest quality by excluding categorical plastics which, although of good quality, characterize the vast majority of the terminals of the main competitors. The 4-inch screen, the A6 processor and the new operating system iOS6 are without doubt an unparalleled combination technology that are of the ‘iPhone 5 a terminal really incredible.


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