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The new iPad” was the star of the keynote Wednesday at the Yerba Buena Center in California, but beware, because it was not all that was presented there.

I think no one will argue with me when I say that one of the strengths of Apple’s software (and especially its superb integration with the hardware), that is why we have now decided to get into one of the new apps that Cupertino presented makes a couple of days: iPhoto for iOS.

We all see that Mac OSX is iosificiando (I guess trying to meet that consider a less specialized or more “casual” user), it is for this reason that seems perfectly logical bet to adapt the pillars of its most successful suite, iLife, iMovie, Garageband and finally, iPhoto.

Why iLife was implemented in iOS ?, Easy, are few programs (now applications) who communicate well with the ideas of the brand apple bite: you can use it around the world – with or without knowledge – as all shows very flat and easily and, also, the results are more than decent.

But , ¬†what it is that Apple has published these apps to their latest mobile devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch) ?: freedom from PC. A strong commitment to mobile devices, the post-PC era. It’s funny to remember how many thought that the first iPhone OS would take a very similar to the Macs and see where Apple is focusing on the future with Mountain Lion, right?

Well, let’s put aside all these ideas, we focus on the review of this app for iOS.

iPhoto paragraphs

With a sober and airy design, Apple shows us four sections in which our pictures are distributed: Albums, Photos, Events and Journals.

In the Albums section we will, if it is the first time you use iPhoto for iOS, we have the same albums in the Photos application, in my case one (Reel), which contains all photographs. Once we have published the first pictures us another album (Edited) is displayed with all the pictures we have retouched.

The Photo shows in grid format, all the pictures you’ve taken with our iDevice.

Events require synchronization with iPhoto our macs via iTunes and will help us to sort photographs.

Daily allows us to create a “virtual book” in which we can add a series of descriptive elements to the photographs. What we reviewed in depth a little later.

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