What is Ovi Store?

Ovi Store, download store and purchase of applications and services for Nokia is now fully operational. The process has been extended but we already have here.

App stores for mobile phones will be crucial to the success or failure of some operating systems and therefore phones that integrate them. iPhone and Android already taking the lead, but the other players are not going to be left behind.

In the case of Nokia Ovi Store, the application store concept is part of an overall concept for mobile services, with a significant social component.

Ovi Store, how to start using it

The easiest way to start using Ovi Store by Nokia is to go to the option Downloads Nokia Ovi Store and search icon, as seen in the image below. This will download the application to access us directly to the service form.

It is important to update the date on the phone not to issues certificates of us. To us it has happened to us and it has been solved by placing either the current date. The language is in English because we have a phone with such a configuration.

Ovi Store, which can be found

Once downloaded the application, already have access to the Nokia Store. To download applications, ring tones and images must have an account in the service. It becomes very fast. Once identified, we can already navigate the diverse content from Ovi Store, comprised of applications, games, audio and video resources to customize the phone, and my downloads recommended.


In each service we can read other users (if any) and get the evaluation of the application you want to download. We also listed the file size and even from the same screen can send the link to a friend.

Regarding the organization of the content, we can order options, the more recent, recommended to me, just as free, the payment or even more channels and popular content categories.

Ovi Store, how downloads are paid

In Ovi Store you can find free and paid downloads. Prices are quite varied, from less than one to more than 15 euro.

We can choose to pay by credit or charge the purchase to our mobile phone bill. None of Paypal for example. Note that the data traffic is not included in the price logically application or service.

Ovi Store user experience

Coming from services like Apple Apps Store or Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store seems more of a mobile phone application a while ago. The user experience does not approach that of the two commented giants, but it is a step ahead of Nokia very necessary.

However, they are far behind and until we see the movement of the developer community we can not assess the extent of this commitment against their direct and powerful rivals.

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