iPhone 5S or iPhone 6: the real differences with the current iPhone 5

iPhone 5S or iPhone 6: the real differences with the current iPhone 5

Apple is called to respond to the offensive launched by the competition. In particular, by Samsung Electronics. The house South Korea holds a market share of 33% globally, while the Cupertino company occupies 17% of the market, according to a study by IDC reported in the first quarter of 2013.

If it is true that the percentage dowry to Samsung Electronics moves from the sales of smartphones medium-low, it is undeniable that in the premium segment models produced by South Korean home have made inroads among consumers. Samsung Galaxy S4 seems destined not only to replicate the success of the Samsung Galaxy S3, but new records.
iPhone 5 made its debut on the market in September 2012. For Apple, it’s time to propose a new model of iPhone by, able to stand up to other specimens of the tip of the competitors, among which HTC One.
The trade press and market analysts seem to agree that the iPhone 5 will follow iPhone 5S. The production cycle so far adopted by Apple leads to this hypothesis, on the other hand. After iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, with the letter “S” for a “Speed”, or speed. After iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, with the “S” to indicate Siri.
In iPhone 5S, the “S” would instead indicate “Security”, namely security. It argues that Apple iPhone 5S will provide a sensor for reading fingerprints, to say goodbye to the traditional use of the unlock code for the lock screen of the iPhone. And, perhaps, to ensure the best possible protection in the process of mobile payments. iPhone 5S would in fact also has support for NFC (Near Field Communication).
Compared to iPhone 5, also iPhone 5S should rely on a more robust hardware, you stand beside a battery capable of ensuring greater job autonomy. Apple would also have improved the photo department. Some rumors suggest the adoption of a rear camera with DSLR-like capabilities. If the iPhone 5 iPhone 5S will follow, it will be unlikely to benefit from a screen of more generous dimensions and a new design.
Apple asks for more parts to come back to wow audiences. Assuming that elicit the so-called WOW is still possible, it will be up to the daunting task iPhone 6, iPhone 5S because you could speak only of “evolution” and not “revolution.” Terms maybe sometimes abused, especially the second. iPhone 6 could undoubtedly mark a watershed in the history of the iPhone, and usher in the adoption of a design from the competition and so far unexplored by Apple.
To unite, but only in part, iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 should be the mobile operating system of reference, namely iOS 7. Only in part because Apple iPhone users might hold 6 software functions exclusive intertwined issues with the new hardware that will be adopted in the same. Therefore foreclosed to those who will buy iPhone 5S. A choice which is already assumed by Samsung Electronics. Users of Samsung Galaxy S3, for example, can never qualify for the function WatchON, because the same in Samsung Galaxy S4 moves from the introduction of an IR sensor, specifically absent in the previous generation of smartphones.

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