Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

samsungSamsung Galaxy S4 is available for sale in the world with the configuration GT-I9505 with 16GB of internal memory, the list price of 699 Euros. Some retailers, especially those that operate online, they immediately started to apply discounts. The promotions do not seem to stop, and today you can buy Samsung Galaxy S4 at lower prices than the list. Same thing with regard to the HTC One, which came to 699 euro and with different offers from the operators (TIM, 3 Italy, Wind, while Vodafone has yet to come out), although not yet widely available in Italy is having an important discounts and discounted prices will likely increase with the increase of stocks.

Even LG Nexus 4 debuted on the Italian market, the list price of 499 Euros, which is required for the version with storage capacity of 16 GB. And also for the sale of Nexus 4 were packaged promotions that allow consumers to save rather significant digits.
Discounts applied for the sale of Nexus 4 may in time bring further declines of prices for Samsung Galaxy S4 HTC One and the same. A push down the figures required for the purchase of Samsung Galaxy S4 could also help the eventual arrival on the market in Italy Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition and Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition is the version of “Nexus” Samsung Galaxy S4, with no user interface Samsung TouchWiz UX 2.0 Nature and functions of the software designed by the South Korean home. Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean in fact in a “Pure Google”. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, however, is the version of Samsung Galaxy S4 constructed with materials resistant to dust, water and shock.
The prices charged for the sale of Samsung Galaxy S4 (16 GB) might also fall down when it reaches the shelf cut by 32 GB. It is not impossible that the South Korean manufacturer will also launch the marketing of Samsung Galaxy S4 64 GB.

And at this point, as well as falling prices for the HTC One, due to the Nexus 4, the new Android phone from HTC Corporation, described by many as the best Android smartphone on the market, it might be important additional rebates and discounts just for the many news and upcoming models of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and its variants.


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