Update Motorola Backflip

Update Motorola Backflip


All who have a Motorola Backflip know that is a terminal that can offer many possibilities, but having Android 1.5, we do not take full advantage. So in this tutorial we will learn to update our Motorola Backflip to Androd 2.1.


Having your rooteado terminal (for this, you can use the application z4root)
Steps to follow:
Download the Custom Recovery for Motorola Backflip (download link at the end of the tutorial) and copy the recovery.img file that is inside the root of the memory card.
Installs in Terminal Emulator Android Terminal application and enter the following commands:
flash_image recovery / sdcard / recovery.img
Turn off the phone and turn it on. As M appears with white background hold down the camera button all the way. When you see a black screen with the text “please release camera key” release the camera button and press the Volume Down button.
In the Custom Recovery, let’s make a backup first. To do this, we are positioned in the Backup / Restore option with the volume keys and select with the power button. Now, select Nand Backup option, press the Power key when we ask for confirmation and wait for the message “Backup complete!”
Once the Backup, go to the part where it says Wipe and execute all possible options one by one.
Now, select the option Partition SD and execute all menu options (this will delete everything we have on the memory card, so it is advisable to make a copy of what we have in it).
When finished, press the button of the camera to return to the main menu. Come to “USB-MS toggle” and pressed the Power key.
Connect the phone via USB to the PC and had the files. Zip Italian Radio and the update to the root of the SD (download links at the end of the tutorial).
Once the files have been copied to the phone, disconnect the USB cable and press the power button on the phone. If your terminal is not the company Telcel, we’ll skip steps 10 and 13.
Once finished, go to where it says “Flash zip from SD” and select the Radio Italiana (signedITradio.zip). You will install and they will say they have to reboot (restart) for the changes to take effect. Perform the reboot and you will see a black screen with a blue line down with a # that will be adding. Finished this process the phone goes back to recovery mode.
Now the rom flasheamos “Flash zip from SD”. To do this, select “signedjr0ddpreclairb3.zip”. When the process completes, select “reboot system now”.
When you restart your phone will see the Motorola M and the white screen for a few minutes and then goes to see an animation of the green Android mascot. We already have Android 2.1 on your terminal.
Finally, to restore the 3G, when we finish the entire setup process, we go to “Settings> Configure Wireless Networks> Mobile Networks> Apn> Options (button to the left of the menu key)> new Apn” and entered the following:
Name: Personal 3G (can be anything).
APN: gprs.personal.com
Proxy: 172 016 000 020
Port: 8080
Username: gprs
Password: adgj
Authentication Type: Chap or Pap

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