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Telephone scams that you should avoid

The rise of mobile devices also presents new opportunities for those who want to take advantage of users cashing using techniques that border on illegality. Frauds have always been there and now that variants of phone scams are even more numerous and the “white to defraud” growing every day, and there is much user with little knowledge and a high probability of falling into the trap.

Of all those who fall into the nets of a fraud, not just denouncing it all, unfortunately, however, they are increasingly those who dare to fight them. According to the OCU, Organization of Consumers and Users, are almost 40,000 reports of fraud and abuse related to reaching the mobile year.

Not surprisingly, in a market in a growing market like smartphones, traps also go together and are constantly adapting. Of all the complaints received, five are the leading telephone scams and to avoid:


Missed calls surprise


Although sometimes we do not agree, our smartphones are still that, phones, and allow us to call. One of the most common scams is the missed call in a moment you meet a call that did not give you time to answer, to call back this scam happens to number 806, 807, 906 or 907, all premium rate would increase us € 4 just talk or a cost per minute really high.

Another call-related scams is one in which we received a warning us that we have to send an SMS to a specific number to hear a message or because we have a package deal. Obviously this is a lie and by doing so we subscribe to a monthly or even weekly premium service.


Job offers that are not real

With the situation we live in today, a call for a job is a joy. However and unfortunately, some people try to take advantage of that hope to find a new job. In this scam, we received a call or a text message indicating that more details should send an SMS to a premium rate number.

As in the previous case, not everyone knows these numbers, so that call or message to 806, 807, 906 or 907 in high bills just to make ends meet or automatic subscriptions.

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