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New Tools for Twitter

One of the coolest things about Twitter is how open it is. The company has published the specs for accessing the service, so that outsiders can write their own Twitter programs (Twitterific, Tweetie, Tweetdeck and so on)–and create Web sites...


Internet Radio Service Pandora’s Shares Fell Down

Internet radio service Pandora Media says that rising expenditures to acquire music and expand its sales force would push fiscal 2014 earnings below analyst expectations. The company also backtracked on a 40-hour monthly limit on free music streaming that was...


Behind the Scene Story of Apple’s Best Valiant Leaders

Shortly after signing on as chief operating officer (COO) at Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg was looking to connect with people in a similar role – No. 2 to a brilliant and passionate young founder. She called Tim Cook. “He basically explained...


The Ultimate PS4 will be launched by Sony

JAPANESE CONSOLE MAKER Sony has announced that it will launch its Playstation 4 (PS4) games console on 29 November in Europe and 15 November in North America. Sony Computing Entertainment Europe group CEO and president Andrew House revealed the release...


The Spy of WikiLeaks is sentenced to 35 years in prison

Whistleblower Bradley Manning could be free in just over 10 years after being convicted of the US’s biggest leak of military secrets. The 25-year-old soldier was yesterday jailed for 35 years but will be eligible for parole after serving a...


Google is making a major push into voice search

Google has been offering voice search for some time already through its Google Now service, but now — in a clear challenge to Apple’s Siri — it’s bringing expanded capabilities to Google Search as well, allowing people to search for...


Lg Is In Market With G2 Feature

LG jumped onto the stage to wow the audience with its G2 number, and though it may not have gotten a standing ovation, there’s been plenty of applause. “Samsung’s premium features are not that reliable, but the premium features on...


Cellkon A107+ Overview

Celkon presents you another smartphone, A107+. The phone is aided by 1 GHz Dual-Core processor and the latest Android OS. Hence, making it a powerful phone to flaunt. The social networking features never allow


Some criteria About Ubuntu periphery For Success

Canonical has been promising the delivery of a mobile device for a while now. The Ubuntu phone has lived in a sort of nebulous zone — awaiting the full realization of the user interface as well as carriers to pick...


Some Apps that will help IT pros more productive

As IT professionals, we work in an industry that is constantly looking to improve its organizational productivity through the use of software and hardware. We contribute to this by what we do in our jobs. However, there are ways we...


BlackBerry sales high

BlackBerry goes up for sale after years of struggle in smartphone market. BlackBerry ,once the global leader in smartphone technology, has put itself up for sale after years of falling sales and failed revamps. Once seen as so habit-forming its...