ipad 5?

iPad 5?

Apple and Samsung are at war to be the best in the market of smartphones and tablets, each revealing a new model every time the company has a new opponent to throw. This is really advantageous for users because we will have new devices every few weeks, but this is time for the iPad in May have a little attention, a tablet with iOS.

This time we have some information obtained by Stabley Times on the iPad 5, the next tablet from Apple and that seems to be a good rival of Samsung products and other companies by Android. And what that has leaked this today were some quite juicy details.

It covers four strengths that will make this tablet in particular an expected really, not just surpassing its successor, the iPad 4, but many other tablets that can be found on the market:

A7 processor, one that will appear in this tablet and to provide you with amazing speed this tablet, transforming them into one of the fastest of those created by Apple.
Given that the quality of displays by Apple can not be increased to a higher level thanks to the density of pixels per inch used for the moment, most likely be looking to increase image quality through a back lighting .
A new color option could be added to the already typical black and white choice of Apple, possibly being the new color red. This is because the complexity between colors and companies that sell their products and are pretty big, so we need some standardization before continue providing exclusive colors.
The Lightning connector seems to be one that is here to stay, since it has been quite successful in the iPad in April, possibly replacing the above format for docking in the near future.
For release information, all that can be speculated on the iPad 5 is your departure date, which can not be passed in October of this year for the simple fact that Apple does not spend more than twelve months without updating your list of products with a really new.

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