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Free Games for Android

No need to state the obvious – most of the best games that you can install on your Android device costs money. Games like Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto and several others are excellent games and have an amazing gameplay. This whole quality, however, has a price. But you do not need to shell out lots of money whenever you like games that provide good moments of fun. You can obtain a rich and deep experience without spending anything. That’s right, here we have a compiled a list of the best free games for Android. Check out our suggestions and good fun!

Angry Birds


We open our list with one of the games most successful mobile platforms classic Angry Birds. If you’re a fan of the franchise and has not yet got sick of the eternal battle between angry birds and evil pigs, or never played, it is always a good tip. There are several official versions already launched the series, including a puzzle game called Bad Piggies and a racing game called Angry Birds Go. All these combined games can provide you with hours of play, if you are not yet tired of the series that continues forever to innovate.


Asphalt 8: Airborne


The Asphalt 8: Airborne is now one of the best racing games available for Android and thanks to its Freemium model, you can get the game and play it without having to pay anything. There is the option to purchase some additional features in the game and some people do not like them, but you can play and enjoy it without having to pay anything. It has good graphics, a campaign of extensive running and long acrobatics in the air. If you enjoy racing games is an excellent choice!


Battle Nations


Battle Nations is a strategy and combat game, but despite it not being a very popular game, this is no justification to consider it bad, quite the contrary, it has received good reviews from specialized websites and blogs around the world. He has a lot of playing time that includes more than 500 missions that can be played with only about 100 troops – and the developer also promises many new features to come. Like most games of this list it is Freemium, consequently there are several extra features that can be bought, but you will not be required to use them to enjoy the game.

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