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Some of the best games you should never miss

Bejewled Blitz

Bejewled Blitz ended in 2013 chosen as the “Best 2013 Games Franchise” at the awards Google Play Players’ Choice (Choice of Players). It is a very simple puzzle game where you have to match shapes. His proposal is simple, but it is a very addictive game. When you need to kill time, wherever you are, just pull it out of his pocket and have fun!

Blood Brothers (RPG)

The Blood Brothers is a kind of card game mixed with RPG that was created by Mobage – the same team that made a popular card game called Rage of Bahamut. In this, you use cards to battle against other characters and players. There is about 1000 characters and even a strong social media integration. He’s Freemium and for some it can be a problem, but with an incredible score 4.5 at Google Play Store, most people seem to worship him.

Candy Crush Saga

The Candy Crush Saga is an incredibly popular game that many people love – even if it is rather simple. He brings more than 400 stages and challenging game mechanics. There is also a very solid integration with Facebook, so you can play with your friends, if you use an account of this social network. It is a very addictive option to pass the time!

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the most complex games present on our list. It is an epic game of strategy and online multiplayer real-time, where you build a village, protects it against other online players and then build a powerful army to attack other players (reais). You can join clans to acquire extra troops or play alone – you choose. Thanks to constant updates and a variety of improvements and to build things, this is not one of those easy games to finish quickly. If you enjoy strategy games, Clash of Clans is an excellent choice.


CSR Racing


The game CSR Racing is a racing game mixed with simulation. In the game, you do drag racing with other vehicles (which can be real players or the computer). It is a deep game, quick to play – great for those who want a good match for those hours you need to spend a short time of idleness. With the online component recently added, it gives the game an extra facet that gives players even more to do.

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