Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops launches on Windows Phone

baby gameTiny Troopers 2: Special Ops launches on Windows Phone. Lock and loaded! The ultimate sequel Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops is now available on Windows Phone. Lead your team of Special Ops soldiers to victory in explosive action-packed missions. With even greater threats in your way, upgrade and equip your troops with latest military hardware to help them make it through each warzone in one piece!
Jesus Bosch CEO at Game Troopers said: “This is one of the greatest games currently available in the store and we feel really proud being the ones launching it.” And also had some workds for the Kukouri, the game developer: “We appreciate the confidence and enthusiasm of Kukouri about working with us and publishing their title on Windows”.
And Daniel Espino, one of our Producers declared: “We are really excited about bringing such a wonderful game to our platform. Since the success of the first Tiny Troopers, these little soldiers have become part of our family. We hope all our fans have so much fun playing this game as we had bringing it to you.”
The game is totally free to play, and contains In-app purchases.
Kill everything across 4 epic campagins, 28 challenging levels, and collect 20 Achievements on the way!
Compete worldwide in order to become the #1 zombie killer across 4 exciting zombie levels.
We are not just publishing Tiny Troopers 2 on Windows Phone. We are bringing you the game with exclusive content not available on iOS or Android. Among those exclusive features you can find new costumes such: the beach boy, Tyrolean, Canarinho, Torero, Quarterback or Indy. This set of costumes gives the player a number of advantages in the battlefield (and they just look cool too).
Game troopers is quickly becoming the #1 Game Publisher on Windows Phone. We are working with the best developers to publish their games on Windows and get the most from the platform. Would you like to discuss publishing opportunities with us? Just fill this form:

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