Tango- An App for Voice Calling

The era of smart phone has made our life easy none the less with lots of mind blowing apps and features of these apps too. A common version of smart phone is android. And, Tango is   a known name of the android apps. It is mainly famous for it’s voice calling feature with video.

General characteristics of the Tango Messenger, Video & Calls

App description:

Tango is a communication application through which you can perform at no cost, video and voice calls using the internet connection. It covers the whole world. Anyone with a Tango application can call another person who uses the same tango messenger.


The system recognizes in your contact list those that also use the application. Remember that it is necessary that the device has front camera for the user to take advantage of all available resources.


With Tango, you can also record and send a video message if the called party can not answer right now.

How to use: The user must register at the Tango network to start enjoying the services. To make calls simply press the camera icon next to the name in your contact list.

Recommendations: As for those who need to make video calls and do not want to spend your minutes with this service.


Devices with Android technology.

Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher.

Positive Points of Tango Messenger

Video & Calls

Performs video calling with considerable quality.

Intuitive navigation.

Automatically recognizes the contacts from your address book already in the Tango network.

It also has a version for computers.

Negative Tango Messenger points

Does not allow Bookmarking.

Great call quality in the Wi-Fi network, but the 3G lock frequently and transport delay in voice.

Writer note-   A personal note for all the users who want to give at a go at Tango. Tango is none the less a good software but it is not widely spread. People use other applications more than Tango. Most of the apps that are like tango provide more features not just video calling.

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