Rumor of iPad Mini 2 price: Estimated 200 to $ 250

Rumor of iPad Mini 2 Price: Estimated 200 to $ 250

ipad miniOne of the biggest differences between Apple products with those companies to Android, such as the case of Samsung, is the large price gap, being able to note that those with iOS operating system have a higher price, which has left consumer reviews.

But it seems that Apple has decided to listen to the complaints and make a change in their mode of production, or at least that’s what we have known for BGR, since we already have rumors about upcoming mobile price by the company, iPad Mini variant that seems to have a much more affordable price in the world market for all budgets, or at least those of the middle class.

It is a device known as iPad Mini 2, and rumors suggest that the price will be between 200 and 250 dollars, an inexpensive considering that iOS products tend to cost between 400 and 600 U.S. dollars once come to market. Although this rumor has not been thought of nothing, as there is information that seems to support the argument.

Apparently, in order to reduce the costs of production, has decided to make some fairly substantial updates in the iPad Mini, as has been the simplification of the model metal housing, remove the rear camera, reducing the internal storage to 8GB , use lower quality components, among other measures that have been taken. This will result in a cheaper product, obviously, but with lower overall quality than other models of the firm.

As much as any quality, it seems that Apple will try your new product does not arrive to suffer in comparison to the competition in Android, so anyway we can expect an iPad Mini 2 with a decent quality.

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