Motorola i940: Best Smartphone

Motorola i940: Best Smartphone


Motorola for a great time and is betting a lot on different alternative markets to avoid falling into the typical models competing to get in front or alongside the iPhone. Motorola has launched so many different teams or most of them with the Google Android operating system but in this case it is the turn of a very requested by mobile users on the system Push to talk, we’re talking about the Motorola i940. Motorola continues to expand its portfolio of mobile phones with Android smartphone across the international market and announces this new model which not only attracts the named resource before but by its design and of course by the accompanying software. The phone is a device more in having recourse push-to-talk for instant communication with devices that have the direct communication resources.

The model has a robust and aggressive design providing not only the feeling of being more resistant to drops, bumps and dust but the manufacturer says it is very “rugged” term used for products that support all kinds of problems. The Motorola i940 has the potential public all most active users who need a mobile phone with multiple connectivity options and also get keep pace with the person during the day. Its screen is 3.5 inches in size and the model has a five-megapixel rear camera that can also record videos, but is not yet known if the recording is HD HD mode. The Motorola i940 is one of the smartphones with the Android operating system that features a dual microphone and noise reduction technology, ensuring a clean and clear sound for two people who live in mobile.

The model is also shown to bring the resource “Email Nextel” which allows access to emails in real time through a dedicated mail server push. The resource is essential for business users who need an efficient tool for real-time messages. Besides this, the Motorola i940 is able to synchronize calendars, contacts within the Exchange and standard email accounts POP3 and IMAP. To complete the specification table connectivities are present WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth, and also have a slot for microSD memory cards up to 32 GB but not included in the kit that is sold. Turn the Motorola smartphone features traditional resources and Android smartphones such as Android Market store, Google Talk, Google Maps and other services of the world’s most popular search engine. The Motorola i940 is now available in several emerging markets for a suggested price of about $ 500.

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