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Amazon AppstoreA alternative higher profile to Google Play is definitely the Amazon Appstore, and is the default location for the Amazon Kindle line of tablets. It offers a much smaller selection of apps and games, but it all went from Amazon’s quality control standards. It is polished and easy to use.

For consumers, there are two obvious advantages to using the Amazon Appstore. The free app of the day promotion has featured some great premium applications. You can also use the Test Drive feature to test apps on your browser before you buy.

It is limited to the US. and a handful of European nations now (UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain).

For developers, it could be a good source of extra income, but there are rumors about Amazon’s right to choose when to do promotions. Some developers have reported huge numbers lower on the back of the free app of the day promotion, but no resulting increase in sales. It is also likely to do better with optimized apps smartphone apps in general tablet.


GetJar LogoVocĂȘ find a huge repository of free apps here for several platforms, including Android. It’s pretty basic. But apps are divided into categories and sub-categories to make it easy to find what you want. You will also find like or dislike and comments on each user app. It can also connect with Facebook. The negative side, you will find sponsored recommendations, but they are clearly marked.

Through the gold system GetJar GetJar app and the rewards, you can find applications tailored to your needs and you can earn rewards that will give you premium apps and upgrades to your favorites for free.

GetJar intelligent design is to offer premium apps for free users to generate traffic and then monetize the traffic with advertising dollars. Developers might be tempted by tie-ins Virtual Currency and the option to target new users with different types of promotions. You can integrate your applications GetJar gold, and has 50 million users. Be warned though, the shipping process may take a while. But, sometimes the quality may surprise you.

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