iOS 7: A Lot of Expectations, Updates, News and Gossip

iOS 7: A Lot of Expectations, Updates, News and Gossip

During the past few days have passed, have come to light huge lots of rumors as to what could be iOS 7 and the arrival of a new terminal by the Cupertino guys, if you browse the web you will see a lot of videos , concepts, dates to speculate as to the launch and for the presentation and to assumptions and models could be the new terminal, but such information must not overwhelm, as bad or worse, read a lot about this news, will also help in some future.

iOS7Submission dates: it is said that the whole presentation of iOS 7 and all its developments could be revealed in the month of June 2013, but since this also involves the presentation of a new terminal, which is supposed to be the new Apple’s operating system, that’s where the rumors clash since at most reliably known, is that the new terminal is presented in the month of August / September, and then be given sales dates, leaving as unique publication date iOS June 7 and after the months of July / August, (which will be corrected and betas and will polish the last settings), and then arrive with iOS 7 over for the launch of the new terminal.

iOS 7 expectations opens many users (myself included), but hopefully that expectation so users are reflected and all this is not a fiasco, bad bad, it happens that most expectations, the lower is surprise. One rumor that caught my attention was that, a person is said to “friend” an Apple worker, who works in the new iOS system 7, which showed in the privacy of your home, as was the new system and some of the new, (obviously this can be both a rumor as true, that only we’ll know in a few weeks), the terminal had cosmetic changes as to the status bar, where it was more full screen in applications, and disappearing in the vast majority also says that multitasking longer as usual giving way as is practically Auxo tweak, where close applications and applications with gestures they see more size, Siri has a very complete integration with the entire operating system. These are the words of the person who claims to have taken the operating system exclusively.

Parts of the new terminal and a low cost iPhone: while, companies making parts for the new handsets from Apple, always escape them “pictures” of some pieces, not always these pieces end up being late, we must consider that always develop prototype equipment, which ultimately may undergo major changes. There is also talk of what may be a “low-cost iPhone,” which can be either a rumor as something that never perform as better or for worse, Apple is characterized by high cost and equipment would be radical start with a low-cost. We have VERY PRESENT, that while that of a low-cost iPhone can go in any market, at the time of purchasing a cheap iPhone, or a new iPhone 5S or 6 as well as some rumors say last minute, NO tempted equipment very low value, since, above step with the output of which was the iPhone 5, with a Chinese company identically cloned the device outside, but inside did not have the same components (processor, ram, camera, system operating) where the terminal had a theme as any iPhone iOS, but it was a true copy, where many users believe buying a new terminal, I even before its release, and later realized they had voted money for a terminal was a cheap copy of the new terminal, this usually happens in many parts of the world, you walk down the street and once iPhones sell at a very low value.


One recommendation is never wrong to have her present, since no one is amused to be lied selling something that is supposed original ends up being a copy.


If the new terminal will be called Apple iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, is something that no one knows for sure, and that could continue or simply versions S and presenting the sixth version of the iPhone will decide to give this name.

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