How to call from internet to mobile phone for free

How to call from internet to mobile phone for free

How to call free from internet to mobile phone for freeI am sure that, as a user of mobile phone you must sometimes want to make a call to others for free! This is a very common question that, how to call from internet to mobile phone for free. You may be astonished that you have this chance that you really can make calls free. To make a free call from your mobile phone you need two things. First of all you need a smart phone and second of all you need App, from where you can call. And obviously internet connection!

In this article I will show how you can make a call for totally free! As a smart-phone user by this time you may know that you can make free call from your mobile phone.

Recently, Facebook has been introduced video call. If you have Facebook messenger then you can call to another user — voice call or video call. Same facility you also can get from other Apps. Say for example, Skype, Viber, Google Hangouts (g Talk), Tango etc. Even nowadays you can call from WhatsApp also.

But these Apps has a little problem while you are trying to talk with your partner S/He must need these types of Apps on his/her mobile. Beside that, if you want to call from your mobile you have to pay huge data.

When you are searching How to Call Your Cell Phone from the Internet you will get a lot of information and service. And some are really, really good.

We have been found two Apps from where you can call to other mobile phone directly. Your receiver doesn’t need to have any Apps or internet connection.

One is Dingtone and another one is These platforms are really good. Whenever you have an internet WiFi connection, then can watch videos and get credit and call from the App to other mobile phones very cheaply!

Dingtone Features

Dingtone Features

I am using this App last one year and getting really very big pleasure. If you don’t want to watch the video you can download some other Apps into your mobile phone to get credit. Otherwise you can even buy credits. This App is available on every App-Store.

You can visit their site:

Here is the link for Dingtone iOS App:

And for Android App:

This app has four special features:

  1. Free Calling: Calls to anyone on Dingtone are completely free…anywhere in the world.
  2. Free Texting: Unlimited free text messages with typing indicator, read recipient, read notification.
  3. Walkie Talkie: Transform your phone into a real Walkie Talkie – simply push a button and speak.
  4. Cool Sharing: Share your videos, pictures, doodles, music and locations with friends and family.

There is another App named This is also almost same or as like as Dingtone. You can visit their website:

To download this App you can go here for iPhone:!-free-texting-+-free/id514485964?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

For Android phone:

And for Windows phone:

If you want to know about How to Call Your Cell Phone using the Internet we could recommend WikiHow.

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