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Google Apps & SwiftkeyKeyboard

If you are new to Android world and are not sure which applications (apps) install on your newly acquired smartphone, then we’ll show you a few suggestions. As much as your new smartphone comes with a number of preinstalled applications – some of them will prove to be useful, others will not bloatware.

When you know and choose applications in the Android app store, the “Google Play”, you will come across “thousands” of options. The problem is that you simply can not have them all at once in this way, you will have to spend a long time looking for the best of each type. So do not waste time and check out our suggestions – a roundup of the best apps for you initially have on your Android smartphone.

Google Apps
You will find various Google applications pre-installed on your new Android smatphone, including G-mail and Google Maps, but there are others that you will look and want to install immediately. Take advantage of free cloud storage and take advantage of the ability to access your files from anywhere with Google Drive. Do the same with your music when you purchase the Google Play Music. All the Google apps are excellent, with this in mind you should also try Google Chrome, Sky Map, Google Goggles, Google+ and all other remaining.

Swiftkey keyboard
The Android keyboard has become better over the years, but the Swiftkey keyboard is still one of the best substitutes, which brings features such as optimized correction and word prediction and typing through gestures. The Swiftkey learns as you type, what are your favorite words and abbreviations and syncs them to your servers in the cloud, so when you install the application on another device – for example, your tablet – it downloads all. It can predict the next word even before you press a key. He learns intelligently as you type, adapting to you and the way you write. This may take a few days, but once he has learned his style of writing it will become incredibly intuitive.

We can not fail to mention here the Swype Keyboard (R $ 9.34), another virtual keyboard option similar to Swiftkey highly evaluated by users.

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