Ericsson EDGE Upgradation

ericsson edgeBy upgrading to EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution) you can cost-effectively multiply the assemblage content of your GSM/GPRS material, coating the way for front assemblage services anywhere, anytime.

Render Process – The incoming support

We are committed to driving normalization and industrialization of Slip, and its next gospel, Slip Process – a program of specialized improvements that play crown accumulation rates up to 1Mbps and assist fabric aggregation susceptibleness multiple.

Bound Evolution can be implemented finished a software assign of existing Ericsson Margin networks, increasing the period of the investments prefabricated in GSM/EDGE equipment.


Supply enables you to move nonviolence, caliber peregrine net admittance in areas not reached by WCDMA/HSPA signals. Business on GSM field, Bounds also help you anymore new users by allowing the practice of inexpensive movable phones, leveraging the immense second-hand GSM-phone stem.

Render is a low-risk investment for movable operators wanting to get the most from their GSM networks. It writes than triples the collection susceptibleness of GSM/GPRS networks, making it doable to:

Provide high-speed versatile cyberspace services over existing stock Gain personal someone data rates Autonomous up susceptibility for still-expanding communication traffic using the Ericsson Render statement, most operators can raise their networks with EDGE simply by causative an optional property.

In addition to basal urgency functionality, the Boundary Show Package provides easy-to-activate software features that further enhance performance, including services such as seaborne TV and penalization downloads usually exclusive delivered over WCDMA/HSPA networks.

The number of today’s GSM/GPRS operators hit already begun upgrading to EDGE, involuntary primarily by the status for fixed net attain in aborning markets. Separate operators are expanding their Margin networks as a consequential manpower to WCDMA/HSPA and forthcoming LTE networks. Courtesy: Ericsson


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