BenQ-Siemens SL91

BenQ-Siemens SL91

BenQ-SL91BenQ-Siemens SL91 is a simple and stylist phone. It has a lot of features and options. This phone has  UMTS, GSM 900 , GSM 1800, GSM 1900 network based, 0.89*0.23*0.47 centimeter Dimensions with 240*320 Display, 109 gram Weight, Li Ion Battery, 310 Hours Standby time, 3 hours 15 minutes Hours Talk time.

BenQ-Siemens SL91 has Bar/Tablet With Slider Shape, Tri Band, Directional Pad, Call Barring, Call Divert, Call Wait, Caller Id, Conference Call, Picture Caller Id, Video Calling. It has 8.9 cm Height, 2.3 cm Depth, 4.7 cm width, 109 g Weight.
This phone has very smart and long lasting phone. It has very reasonable prices.

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