Try the System BlackBerry 10 On Your Iphone

Try the System BlackBerry 10 On Your Iphone

bLooks like the BlackBerry, formerly known as Research in Motion has finally managed to generate some buzz around its new mobile operating system called BlackBerry 10. Remember that the company has been on the verge of bankruptcy after their recent failures in the mobile phone world. However, the Canadian mobile manufacturer has sold a million units of its new smartphone BlackBerry Z10, which logically run its new operating system, and reported a fourth-quarter profit of $ 98 million, has a first positive very long time.
BlackBerry can see a demonstration of its new BlackBerry 10 operating system on our iPhone

This article is an analysis of the Z10 or the BlackBerry operating system. In this article we will talk about the Web application that the company has written, and we have known today, then we can see some features of BlackBerry 10 in our iPhone or Android. You just have to run Safari on your iPhone and go to to see a demonstration of the new operating system.

The display shown on this page is fully interactive, you are required to follow a set of pre-determined actions. Still, the step by step tutorial BlackBerry mounted displays some of the key features of the software, such as predictive virtual keyboard, the Hub, Video BBM, functions and camera screen Shift Time Share.
The truth is that the new BlackBerry 10 operating system has a number of interesting features, including some that were not even seen on rival platforms. I love how the Hub’s just a shot away, wherever you are.



The camera time change also a very useful feature and something I would like to be included in the iPhone. In short, when you’re making an image, the camera really does a lot of images fast.

Some Android phones have similar capabilities, but what sets BlackBerry 10, besides the interface, the camera is definitely time change.

I will not reveal all the secrets of the new BlackBerry operating system and spoil the fun that you want to see it, then I appear on the page and take a look, will not disappoint. The truth is that I am personally very pleased that the BlackBerry was putting all your eggs in one basket and launched a product that looks like this time if you can bring a lot of joy. Always makes me very sad to see companies disappear. There is no doubt that things started well for them and their BlackBerry Z10.

What features do you like the new BlackBerry 10?

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