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  • Smartphone applications that help you lose weight

    Smartphone applications that help you lose weight

    Fitness HD This is the most famous and used by fans of the exercise, which can also be downloaded in Spanish application. Its contents range from videos with a variety of exercises, specified for both men and women, even a calorie counter and a pedometer to measure every step you take. You can share every […]

  • Telephone scams that you should avoid

    Telephone scams that you should avoid

    The rise of mobile devices also presents new opportunities for those who want to take advantage of users cashing using techniques that border on illegality. Frauds have always been there and now that variants of phone scams are even more numerous and the “white to defraud” growing every day, and there is much user with […]

  • The smart phone as a teaching tool

    The smart phone as a teaching tool

    A study on coverage and educational uses cell with students and teachers at two campuses of UABC presents. A random sample with 12% of students and 24% of teachers, who were applied a survey to ascertain the possession of cell, its technical characteristics, the educational uses made and the advantages and disadvantages of their use […]

  • What is Ovi Store?

    What is Ovi Store?

    Ovi Store, download store and purchase of applications and services for Nokia is now fully operational. The process has been extended but we already have here. App stores for mobile phones will be crucial to the success or failure of some operating systems and therefore phones that integrate them. iPhone and Android already taking the […]

  • iPhoto for iOS

    iPhoto for iOS

    The new iPad” was the star of the keynote Wednesday at the Yerba Buena Center in California, but beware, because it was not all that was presented there. I think no one will argue with me when I say that one of the strengths of Apple’s software (and especially its superb integration with the hardware), […]

  • Edit Photo on ios

    Edit Photo on ios

    Once you have selected a picture, in the upper right corner we the Edit button appears, if pressed, a bar with a number of options will be displayed below the image that we will modify. The first icon started by the right, which is shaped like a gear, we take you to a menu that […]

  • Tired of google play?

    Tired of google play?

    Why use another Android app store? There are actually a few reasons you can venture beyond Google Play. Most alternative markets Android app there offer something to stand out. Here’s a quick summary of the main incentives. Free apps and promotions: You can enjoy a free app of the day, a premium app at a […]

  • More App Store for you

    More App Store for you

    Amazon Appstore for Android Amazon AppstoreA alternative higher profile to Google Play is definitely the Amazon Appstore, and is the default location for the Amazon Kindle line of tablets. It offers a much smaller selection of apps and games, but it all went from Amazon’s quality control standards. It is polished and easy to use. […]

  • Google Play improvement review

    Google Play improvement review

    The App Store has always enjoyed the best reputation when it comes to review and catalog apps and games available for iPhone and iPad Google Play. This was due to several factors, but mainly two. Until recently, instead of reviewing the app and publish it later in the store to watch that met safety standards […]

  • App Store for You

    App Store for You

    F-Droid F-Droid app benefit is this it is very specific focus & F-Droid is free and open source software (FOSS) Apps Android. This is pretty basic, but there is a categorization and the list is searchable. You will find a great selection of free apps here and all promise not trace, no ads, and no […]

  • DiGo Mobile introduces emergency phone ‘SOS P241’

    DiGo Mobile introduces emergency phone ‘SOS P241’

      Bangladeshi new local handset brand DiGo Mobile has introduced an emergency phone of model of SOS P241 phone which will enable user to reach emergency need and extra power back up. Company termed the phone as ‘Power House’ for its capacity to hold 7500 mAh power in a single battery. SOS feature of the […]

  • App Store- AppsLib & others

    App Store- AppsLib & others

    AppsLib This Android app market is for Android devices that I could not Google certification, especially in tablets. It comes pre-installed on a number of smaller manufacturers and devices was created by Archos. Nearly 40,000 apps on offer and each has been certified as compatible with specific devices. They are categorized and there is even […]

  • Some Awesome Apps-2

    Some Awesome Apps-2

    Mailbox   App unites emails from different accounts on one platform only.   5BY   It offers more than 100 video channels and works as a social network: it is possible to talk about audiovisual archives and find friends with the same interests.   Dailymotion   With this app you can access the entire contents […]

  • Best 4 Antivirus For Android

    Best 4 Antivirus For Android

    CM Security With more than 3 million comments, CM Security application has the value on the next Google Play Store to 5 stars, the highest grade. In AV-TEST conducted earlier this year, the CM Security marked a rate of 100% virus detection. The application is fast, lightweight, and most importantly, safe. The CM uses local-based […]

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