Kik vs Whatsapp

Kik Messenger is not well known, but is growing rapidly and threatens to take away market share from WhatsApp, the application currently number one in the world of messaging applications. Kik was in May 2014 120 million registered users, and runs on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Kik has gotten very popular in western countries as well as in Asia. It is trying to spread it’s charm all over the world. Kik and whatsapp some how presents the same feature.
Unlike WhatsApp, Kik not require a mobile number when registering for this application because it works only with a username and password. Therefore, you can access your account from any mobile device with one of the three supported operating systems. WhatsApp need a mobile number to verify your account and is obliged to use it only on your smartphone or as a web application (with Firefox, Chrome or Opera) if you have an Android device.
WhatsApp is faster to send and receive messages and users can activate the vibrate option if you do not like the sound of notifications. Kik has some problems with speed.
With Kik, users can share links to YouTube by clicking a button while WhatsApp does not have this option and need to open the browser, find the video, copy the URL and paste it into the chat window. By contrast, WhatsApp allows you to send images, audio and video attachments larger than 16MB.
Both applications have the read receipt feature to notify the sender if the message was sent / delivered / read. In WhatsApp, users see two brands of gray when messages are delivered and two blue marks when messages have been read. However, this option can be disabled now, after many users have complained that they do not want their contacts know if you’ve read their messages. The biggest drawback of the two applications is that start automatically and therefore continuously receive messages, and see without having to enter a password. Unfortunately, if your device is stolen, the thief will be able to read all messages.

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