Internet & Mobile help to escape the Daily Chaos of Traffic

Internet & Mobile help to escape the Daily Chaos of Traffic

imagesTo depend on technology, especially mobile telephone, the time spent daily in traffic can be a little smaller. As the growing use of smartphones services increases the number of applications that one way or another, facilitate the user’s life. The options are varied possible.

In the segment of applications, two of them stand out. The first is the MapLink Transit, which can be used by both Apple users as the Android system. Best of all, it’s free. In it information is available on the main streets of major cities in Brazil, including Victoria, with a choice of alternative routes to major points of bottling.
Another interesting option is the pointer stations, which has information on gas stations at least 500 cities in Brazil. In this application, based on the location of the user, the information about the nearest gas station, besides the prices of gasoline, diesel, ethanol and CNG gas available.

And for anyone who still does not have a super phone, there are two options. One is going through sites like Google Maps before leaving home. In service, already available information about traffic flow in cities like Curitiba, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. The other alternative is to check Twitter. In the social network of 140 characters exist a number of accounts that give information about the traffic in cities. In Espírito Santo, one of the profiles with more followers is @ transitovv. See below a list of the applications mentioned above, and some that can make life easier for the driver in traffic.

Group MapLink


MapLink Transit.

Transit: Available for iOS and Android, informs about the flow of traffic on major urban roads. With the app, you can check news and information about real-time events, description of the area of ​​rotation (for Sao Paulo), overall traffic situation on the map and detailed by, the camera image of highways and cities.

Available for the following cities: Salvador, BA / Vitória, ES / Goiânia, GO / Belo Horizonte, MG / Cuiaba, MT / Recife, PE / Curitiba, Brazil / Rio de Janeiro, RJ / Barueri, SP / Campinas, SP / Diadema , São Paulo / Guarulhos, SP / Osasco, SP / Santo André, SP / São Bernardo do Campo, SP / Sao Caetano, Brazil / Sao Paulo, SP. Free to download

Radar: It is also free and allows you to share information about the various types of existing radars (fixed, mobile, speed bumps and traffic lights). Available only for the system to download IOS.Gratuito

Road: Also MapLink group, allows us to draw the best route between cities, see toll prices, gas stations and simulate the price of the journey to the destination. Is available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Free to download

Yotta Apps

Developed the application Eye on the Road. With it you can see the traffic conditions on various roads in the states of São Paulo, Paraná and Espírito Santo. Program are available in the camera images of several utilities that manage state highways. It is available for Android and IOS. Free to download


Pointing Posts

Pointer: Among other applications, iGO stations shows where the user is, the nearest fuel station. In addition, it provides gas prices, alcohol, diesel and CNG. Works in over 500 cities. Free to download
Based on the information of mobile phones with the Android system, oGoogle Maps now provides traffic information. To get to the sites more accurately, the application considers the users who are the “My Location” on. Thus their mean velocity is calculated. In the future, will also be cash alternative routes to congested streets. At the moment, the available information is in the regions of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and Belo Horizonte. To access.
In the 140-character social network, some profiles help to escape congestion. The most famous of the Holy Spirit is the @ transitovv. With more than nine thousand followers, provides information on the major transit points of the state. Another option are the official profiles. The @ and @ rodosol prf191es, the Highway of the Sun and the Federal Highway Police, respectively, provide information about accidents and possible disorders in important ways such as federal and state highway. You can also count on the profiles of the portal Gazeta Online and Radio CBN Victoria (93.5), with accurate information about traffic daily.

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