Fake currency detection feature in mobile phone!

Innovative mobile brand Digo has introduced fake note detection lesser in the new ‘Digo Detector’ model which is considered as first of its kind in the country.

They have used ultraviolet light in the phone to detect the fake currency, says a news release on Saturday. The lesser features can be used easily on a single press on a specific button.

Besides, the gadget hosts a powerful lithium-ion battery of 3000 mAh which enables the phone to turn a power bank also to charge other phones.

Alongside of the fake note detection and ‘extra’ power capacity, there is also a powerful torch light which will be used in two modes. The phone’s plastic body backed with metal guard.

As there is curves on two sides, the phone is comfortable to hold in hands. There are photo and video capturing features, wireless FM, laud speaker as well as internet using features in the phone of GSM 900/1800 bandwidth with 2.4 inches display.

The duel-SIM-card enabled phone has capacity to expand memory to 16 gigabyte with external memory card. The extraordinary multipurpose mobile phone is available in market in price tag of Tk 1790.

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